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We, Brigitte and Achim Reinhold have always been fascinated by the outdoors and camping. Already in our childhood, we loved to travel and the idea of exploring new campsites in many countries.

Our enthusiasm has led us to develop our Peggy Peg brand. We created a wide range of products to enhance everyone’s camping experience.

Our children Alan & Samy are advancing the Peggy Peg brand together with boyfriend Gerard...

How does the screwing work?


Caravan (awning) Tent

Camper awning

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Happy Campers

"We have, among other things, the Peggy Peg base plates for fixing the awning poles to the ground: practical and easy to use. In case of questions about spare parts, they respond quickly and help in an uncomplicated way."
Great service !

Uwe Knöfel (via Facebook)

Fix&Go Awning Set • Set incl. bag (PP99)

"We have been using PeggyPeg products for many years. No matter if it is a screw-in peg, Fix&Go awning mounting for the ground or awning bracing. Everything is perfect for our RV, but works perfectly on our daughter's tent as well. The products are simply fantastic. You notice that the people behind the company are campers themselves. Very cool are also the PetPeg and the barkeepers."

Michael Schrapp (via Google)

Jumbo Set for camper awnings • Set incl. XL-bag (PP31)

"Hello, I just wanted to say that your screw-in pegs are awesome. We were last week at the North Sea during the storm Kirsten. After it was foreseeable that the awning with normal pegs wouldn't be safe enough, I had bought your pegs in a shop and they secured our awining safely. I have now bought a second starter set and more Crocodile clamps and plates. Great thing! Best regards"

Jakob E. (via Facebook)

Peggy Peg StarterKit • Set incl. bag (PP03)

“These pegs leave the standard steel tent peg for dead. They are so simple to put into the ground using a standard cordless drill and once in stay in. Well worth the money.”

Steve (via Facebook)

Peggy Peg StarterKit • Set incl. bag (PP03)

Not the cheapest, but certainly the best and most innovative for all types of Van.

Geraldine M. (via Facebook)

Peggy Peg products

You find out just how useful Peggy Pegs are when you want to wind your awning in at night or if it's getting windy. You can release the legs but leave the plate in the ground. It then becomes an easy task to put the legs out again.

Chris G. (via Facebook)

Jumbo Set for awnings / Fix&Go anchor plate 2.0

We have Peggy Peg kit and it is fantastic

Paul H. (via Facebook)

Peggy Peg StartKit - Set incl. bag (PP03)

How to use our Peggy Pegs?

Working with Peggy Peg for the first time you will be amazed about the possibilities of our concept. The different screw‐in pegs can be used according to the ground conditions.

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Even though the people were quite amused after launching of our bright orange but robust Peggy Peg, the fan community of our products is increasing daily. Happy Costumers all over the world share their positive experiences with our multifunctional Peggy Peg products. After only six years, the amount of sold Peggy N’s increased up to over one million!

The used material makes our product extremely light. The compressing thread makes the Peggy Peg suitable for soft, sandy but also for hard or stony grounds. Once the Peggy Peg grips even though it isn’t completely screwed into the ground it will hold and secure your camping equipment (sometimes pre drilling might be useful-especially in winter). The height adjustable clip enables the peg to be used in those areas.

Due to the different types of terrain which you can find all around the globe you need to use different types of Peggy Pegs. To cover all requirements, we also developed screw-in pegs made from aluminium material.

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