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The-Founders Brigitte Reinhold und Achim Reinhold

We, Brigitte and Achim Reinhold, have always been fascinated by the outdoors and camping.
Already in our childhood, we loved to travel and the idea of exploring new campsites in many different countries.

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Sharing this passion allowed us to go on many camping trips together, starting with a tent and a small VW bus. Throughout the years our camping needs grew with our steadily growing family.

We changed to a small caravan and soon realised that we needed more space with three very active children. After many different setups of all sorts of caravan tents and campers, we gained a lot of experience with various camping ways.

Today, we go camping with our motorhome ‘Peggy mobile’ and visit many fairs all over Europe. While camping, we also always encountered similar problems. For example, bending of common tent pegs, notwithstanding heavy wind conditions, having to hammer in every single peg, flapping of the awnings, tripping over the tent carpet, sinking of the tent/awning poles and facing various ground types in which many times no peg would go in at all.

Our enthusiasm has led us to develop our Peggy Peg brand. We created a wide range of products to enhance everyone’s camping experience. While developing our pegs, we always kept the following key features in mind; make them stronger, lighter, easily recognisable, height-adjustable, durable and innovative


Screwing instead of hammering - the idea was not new to tent pegs, but what has developed from it since the founding of the company Peggy Peg Innovative Systems is unique in the world of camping accessories. All around the world, Peggy Peg is recognised by camping lovers to be the best screw-in peg on the market.
The easily recognised blue and orange coloured Peggy Peg range is much appreciated for its simplicity and versatility.
Made from nylon reinforced fibreglass, Peggy Pegs are five times lighter than a comparable metal peg. This considerably reduces the weight you have to carry with you.
The big variability of ground types that it can be used in, combined with its superior holding power makes the Peggy Peg the perfect camping companion.
All our products are developed in Germany and focus on being a multifunctional and combinable system.


German Design Award 2012 & 2014

Fix & Go Anchor Plate 2.0 is recognised with the important design award. Huge success at the “caravanning design award: innovations for new mobility 2012/2013”. The entire Peggy Peg range impressed the jury of the “caravanning design award innovations for new mobility 2012/2013”. The company received one of the coveted awards from a jury, consisting of design and trade experts at the 51st CARAVAN SALON SHOW DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY.

The “Long Aluminium Screw in Peg” was nominated for the German Design Prize 2012 by the Council of Design. Peggy Peg is competing in the Champions League at the CARAVAN SALON SHOW DÜESSELDORF, GERMANY 2010. The “Long Aluminium Screw in Peg” was accredited with excellence for the “caravanning design award: innovations for new mobility”.

- Peggy Peg Since 2009 -


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