Peggy Peg Signal Storm Strap • 3 parts (PP20)
Peggy Peg Signal Storm Strap • 3 parts (PP20)

Peggy Peg Signal Storm Strap • 3 parts (PP20)

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Header of the Signal Storm Strap from PP Innovative Sytems

Against up-draught!

When it becomes stormy, our 13m long Storm strap fixes your awning securely to the ground. The storm strap is stretched completely over the front of the awning and is attached to the ground on both sides by two springs which are sewn into the loop of the strap for tension relief. Such a spring system is used for the first time in the European camping market and allows the strap to be flexible in the wind even if there is too much pressure. Benefit: Due to this, the awning frames are less loaded.

The fastening of the storm strap to the ground is done best with our Peggy Pegs. Depending on the varying soil, you should use either the Peggy N, L or LA. In combination with the steel hook of the Anchor Plate 1.0, it is optimally attached.
Our „Peggy‐orange“ Storm Strap with signal effect is also visible in the darkness. Practical advice: To reduce noisy flapping of the storm strap in the wind, twist the strap a few times before securing it to the ground. Please don’t use belts with ratchets when anchoring the Storm Strap because it would be too rigid. Keep in mind that every constructed building always needs to be able to move a little bit.


  • Secure tensioning of the awning.
  • Minimal load for the awning due to our exclusive spring system.
  • Easily visible int he darkness due to orange colour.

Product contains:

  • 1 x Storm strap
  • 2 x springs

Technical Information:

Material: -
Length: 13m
Wrench size: -
Torque: -
Content: 1 Pack
Packaging: 20x5,5x33cm
Weigth: 0,788kg